Demontage van laatste hulpbrug, van project Aanpak Ring Zuid. Vernieuwing Ringweg Zuid Stad Groningen.

A performance hike for the Tadano CC6812501 Boom Booster makes for an even more powerful crane

Reporting of complex surgery.

Mammoet executed the precise transportation and installation of six large pumps for the new pumping station located near Den Oever in the Netherlands. The Levvel construction consortium is in charge of constructing the pumping station.

Erste Fundamente für Ørsteds nächsten deutschen Offshore-Windpark verschifft

The transportation and installation of six enormous pumps for one of the largest pumping stations in Europe at the Afsluitdijk near Den Oever, Netherlands. Mammoet carried out this job with precision by lifting and transporting.

Complexe operatie van het transport en de plaatsing mega pompen, voor het nieuwe gemaal in de Afsluitdijk.