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The Dutch electricity grid is one of the most reliable in the world, but it is not geared to large-scale local feed-in of wind and solar power, ”says area director Joël van Tiem. “We are expanding the electricity distribution station in Ulft in several steps, so that the grid will have more capacity in 2021. Now we have placed two transformers with a capacity of 40MVA each and we can install the cables. When all work is completed we can do new.

Giant transformers for strengthening the Ulft grid

We have expanded the electricity distribution station in Ulft (the Netherlands) with two gigantic transformers. Due to the rapid increase in wind and solar parks, part of the electricity grid around the Gelderse place has been completed. This means that new wind or solar parks that want to supply electricity must wait for the grid to expand. Despite the corona crisis, we continue to work on the reliability and future-proofness of our energy supply.

1.5 meters Safety has always been a great asset when working in the energy sector, extra alertness is required during the corona crisis. “The technicians discuss the RIVM guidelines every morning,” says Van Tiem. “They are leading. We organize our work in such a way that we don't have to get close to each other. That is going really well. ”

Activities at the time of Corona Liander is responsible for the energy supply of 3.2 million households and companies. The activities of the network operators are part of the vital infrastructure in the Netherlands. For the time being, we have shut down unnecessary visits to customers at home, for example to install a smart meter. The agreements we have made with customers for this have been or will be canceled. Our skilled technicians are of course available 24/7