Laso Transportes and Van der Vlist Transportgroep have opted for the latest Mega Windmill Trailer XL and have been delivered to both companies.

The MWT-XL allows safe and efficient transport of large diameter tower sections for onshore wind farms. With the new MWT-XL, tower sections with a much larger diameter can now also be transported, such as those from the latest generation of wind turbines. The new MWT-XL is very flexible as it is suitable for tower sections with different diameters up to the largest tower sections with a diameter of approx. 6,300 mm. Important advantages of the Nooteboom MWT-XL, compared to alternative transport solutions using module trailers, are lower maintenance costs, a more favorable purchase price and it is extremely user-friendly. Additionally, the lighter weight and shorter combination length of the MWT-XL can also offer advantages in obtaining exemptions within Europe.

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